Magazine Articles


GamePro: “Soul Storm” [August, 1996]

GamePro: “Epic 1’s Looking Large In ’97” [December, 1996]

Next Generation: “OddWorld Inhabitants: Episode 1” [December, 1996]



PlayStation Plus: “Oddworld” [January, 1997]

PC Zone: “At Home With… Oddworld Inhabitants” [February, 1997]

Computer Gaming World: “Abe’s Oddysee” [March, 1997]

Sega Saturn Magazine: “The Most Realistic Saturn Game Yet?” [March, 1997]

GamePro: “Sneak Previews – Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee” [June, 1997]



Next Generation: “Abe’s Exxodus” [May, 1998]

Electronic Gaming Monthly: “Designing Women” [September, 1998]

Fun Generation: “The Making Of… Abe’s Exoddus” [October, 1998]

PC Player (German Magazine): “A Conversation with Abe creator Lorne Lanning” [December, 1998]

Arcade: “Rants & Raves” [December, 1998]



Edge (UK): “Drunk on Abe’s tears” [February, 1999]

Hyper: “News” [August, 1999]

Dreamcast Monthly: “Lorne Lanning, President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants” [September, 1999]

Arcade: “Odd’s On” [September, 1999]

Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine: “Developer Interview – Lorne Lanning President/Creative Director” [December, 1999]

Edge (UK): “Munch’s Oddysee” [December, 1999]

Arcade: “Munch Better” [December, 1999]



Computer and Video Games: “Scoop! Abe’s Oddysee Gets The Munchies!” [January, 2000]

NextGen: Crunch Time: “Boogie nights…” [January, 2000]

Gamers’ Republic: “Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee” [January, 2000]

Arcade: “Munch’s Oddysee” [February, 2000]

GamePro: “A PlayStation 2 Oddysee” [February, 2000]

GameFan: “Munch’s Oddysee” [March, 2000]

GameFan: “Lorne Lanning of Oddworld Inhabitants” [April, 2000]

Gamers’ Republic: “Munch’s Oddysee” [May, 2000]

Gamers’ Republic: “Munch’s Oddysee” [June, 2000]

Hyper: “The Future of Gaming” [August, 2000]

Electronic Gaming Monthly: “Munch’s Oddysee” [August, 2000]

Gamers’ Republic: “Munch’s Oddysee” [October, 2000]

PC Gamer: “Munch’s Oddysee” [November, 2000]



Hyper: “Oddworld Tells Us About The Xbox!” [January, 2001]

Electronic Gaming Monthly: “Munch’s Xbox Oddysee” [January, 2001]

Next Generation: “A Conversation with Lorne Lanning” [April, 2001]

GamePro:”The X GamesOddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” [May, 2001]

Hyper: “Munch’s Oddysee” [June, 2001]

Edge (UK): “Industry opinion” [July, 2001]

XBM:”The X-Files Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” [November, 2001]



Joypad: “Oddworld: Light at the End of the Tunnel” [January, 2002]



Game Developer Magazine: “Lorne’s Oddysee – Oddworld’s Lorne Lanning on the Art of Storytelling in Games” [October, 2003]



Electronic Gaming Monthly: “Munch Money” [February, 2004]

Polygon Magazine: “Uncommon Threads” [March, 2004]

Edge (Australia Edition): “Oddworld’s Odyssey” [December, 2004]



Power Unlimited: “Exclusive Interview with Lorne Lanning” [February, 2005]



Retro Gamer: “A moment with… Lorne Lanning” [September, 2010]



InGamer: “Oddworld Returns – Wil Bunce-Edwards discusses the future of the cult classic series” [December, 2011]



Retro Gamer: “The Making Of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee” [January, 2012]



Retro Gamer: “The History of Oddworld” [September, 2013]



Nintendo Force: “Adventures In Oddity” [January, 2014]

RETRO Video Game Magazine: “Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty” [March, 2014]

Retro Gamer: “Strange Empire: An Oddworld Inhabitants Retrospective” [August, 2014]



The Vita Lounge Magazine: “New ‘n’ Tasty! – Developer Diary – Written By Oddworld Inhabitants” [June, 2015]



Play: “Playstation Classics #22: Abe’s Oddysee” [February, 2016]



Retro Gamer: “Abe’s Oddysee continues – Peter Chapman on updating a Playstation classic for a new generation” [November, 2017]